This is where it all began in 2006. AFAINT's very first project. A VCT is a Volunteer Counseling and Testing Center. Read below...


AFAINT partnered with Tamani Africa to complete the  building of a Volunteer Counseling and Testing Center for HIV in Kendu Bay, Kenya.  It took approximately 11 months to complete the fundraising and building of the project. We would especially like to thank The AIDS Fund for their support in this project.

Why we built the VCT...

A 30% HIV rate in the Kendu Bay area.

HIV drugs arrived into the area, which led to an increase in the demand for VCT services.

There was only one room available for counseling. 

People walked for hours and had to wait in long lines for services.

2 counselors worked for 9 months without pay to keep the previous VCT running.

What our VCT provides:

Free HIV Testing

Confidential Testing

20 minute rapid response test!

Certified trainers

Support groups