Proline Soccer Academy

60 Soccer Balls
38 Pairs of Soccer Cleats

AFAINT has aligned itself with the Proline Soccer Academy.  PSA is a school of excellence that was started in 2006 with the principal aim of uplifting the standards of the game in Uganda while at the same time, giving talented, under privileged boys a chance to make something of their lives. Over 90% of the above mentioned kids are disadvantaged.  Not only do they improve the standards of the game in the country, they also improve the livelihoods of the boys and their families. There are approx. 325 boys currently enrolled at PSA and most of these boys needs  are catered for exclusively by the academy. 
PSA is based in the industrial area of Kampala.  Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand is part of the cause and through his father  Mr. Julian Ferdinand has become heavily involved in the setup, and operations.  On his very first visit to Uganda in September 2006, Mr. Julian Ferdinand officially launched the Ferdinand Proline Soccer Academy and also became its patron. 
AFAINT has become involved through the leadership of Godfrey Mugisha (Programs Director of Ugandan Affairs). Mr. Mugisha is an instructor at the academy as well as helping manage the program. He was able to help AFAINT strategize how to best help the academy which takes in Ugandan street children.  AFAINT  partnered with the Interact Club at Norfolk Collegiate through Lolli Marshall, a teacher at the private Norfolk school. Her students who are a part of the Interact Club were able to obtain 52 new and used soccer balls and donated them to AFAINT for PSA. AFAINT also added in another 8 brand new balls to make it an even 60!
Towards the end of AFAINT's visit to the Proline Soccer Academy we were able to partner with an organization known as Virgin Planet to buy and distribute new and used soccer cleats  for the neediest children at the academy.  Without Virgin Planet this would not have been possible. It is through partnerships like these we have been to help people in the US and Africa.

If you would like to donate for buying more soccer supplies to help these under privileged children simply make a donation here and make a notation about the Proline Soccer Academy, 100% will go to your request! See pics below.