Odeema House Project


The Odeema House Project was a  project dear to our founder. Upon his visit to Kendu Bay in 07' he was asked to visit a family that has experienced tragedy, after tragedy. One of the workers who had helped build the VCT had 3 children of his own and had lost all of his siblings to AIDS. His siblings left him with 7 more children and 4,000 shillings worth of medical debt. The father of this family is a man by the name of ODEEMA whose mud home had recently collapsed. AFAINT was able to step in and build the Odeema family a new home which is pictured below.

PART 2: AFAINT founder Brandon Plain and Dir. of Operations Kristina Griffin revisited the Odeema family to see about their well being. The home that AFAINT built was still in good condition. AFAINT was able to provide funds to the family to put all their children through primary school, a few weeks of food, and a new sewing machine for Pamela Odeema. Pamela's sewing machine will help her generate income for her family!