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Produce the Arts of Change

Are you an artist who is looking for a venue where your art can be heard or seen? Would you like to just volunteer and help create change? If so AFAINT is looking for new artists with a passion for advocacy and awareness to help us spread the word about issues like world hunger, water issues, HIV/AIDS and many others. There are a few ways you can help. You can become a performer or display your art at one of our benefits, establish a membership, or by simply volunteering. For more info fill out the form below and an agent will respond within 24 hours!

The Truth Is In The Details

  The AFAINT artists are steadily working on creative events, benefits, and fundraisers here in the city of Houston and around the country. We believe that art is a magnet to the heart of mankind and that together we can turn paint into water and pictures into bread for those who need it.  We are here to seize every opportunity to allow talented artists to join us and share their work at our events.

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