Artists For Advocacy International

AFAINT is a social enterprise dedicated to creating awareness for world dilemmas while implementing on the ground eradication methods by providing a financial investment through the profits generated through art sales.

Community  Is The Cause!



Nothing against other charities and social enterprises but we strive off of being different.  We have veered off of the "cause" path into setting up in areas to deliver comprehensive efforts to improve the quality of life of the less fortunate. We want to tackle hunger, thirst, healthcare, and access to education to ensure that the communities are really getting out of poverty.

How We Work

We sell ART and everyday we are thinking of new and creative ways of doing it! Whether its a private dinner made by AFAINT chefs, concert, or an art show we find ways to synergize Art, Business, and Advocacy. .





1.  Artists sign up  to display and sell their work on our site and/or events and sign a contract to give 50% of the purchase price of every item they sell. When an item sells we post the success.

2. Every event is different but after every event we hold a public count of the money we brought in and post the tally at the end of the night. AFAINT is a for-profit social enterprise so everyone involved has signed a contract and is being paid for their time and service. We have just decided to always immediately give back, this is why we are Artists For Advocacy  International.

3. There will be times when we make money and times we wont and we aren't ashamed of that. This is a labor of love! Our purpose is to advocate first, implement second, make a profit third. Because we are not a non-profit organization will feel this is the best way to ensure the public we are keeping our end of the bargain.

How We Started

In the spring of 2006, AFAINT founder, Brandon Plain, joined with Angelia Sanders of Tamani Africa to discover that a free HIV testing center in Kendu Bay, Kenya was not reaching its full potential. Together, they set out to build a new VCT (Volunteer Counseling and Testing Center) by simply using the arts and their love for humanity. By the spring of 2007 with the help of friends, family, and other organizations, the VCT was completed and AFAINT was born. Since then, AFAINT has embarked on numerous endeavors such as building water tanks for primary schools, feeding programs for impoverished children, HIV awareness and advocacy campaigns in Hampton Roads Virginia, and donating funds to people affected by HIV in eastern Africa.  AFAINT has worked with The AIDS Fund (also known as TACT), Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), pharmaceutical companies and other organizations to advocate for issues ranging from HIV/AIDS to domestic violence. We dedicate our lives and our artistic talents to make this world a safe, comfortable and enjoyable place for all of us to live.